The City of Misawa is located near the northeast tip of the Japanese main island of Honshu in Aomori Prefecture at approximately 141° 22’ E longitude and 40° 40’ N latitude. It is a town with a population of about 42,000, in which the Pacific Ocean lies to its east, picturesque Lake Ogawara to the west. It measures 11 kilometers from east to west, 25 kilometers from north to south, for a total land area of 120.09 square kilometers. It is a spacious flatland 57 meters above sea level.



   Misawa is blessed by plentiful nature with four seasons. Its climate is characterized by a winter of relatively low snowfall, although located in the northern region. Also, northwesterly seasonal winds make for many sunny days in the winter. The warm spring and summer months are known to bring in “sea fog” due to easterly winds (known as Yamase). Another characteristic during these months is the long rainy season normally set in June, which seems to shorten the summer.