Based on The third total development plan in 1998, Misawa City strives for the realization of Misawa as “a heartwarming city”. It aims to enhance the understanding of globalization among citizens, and to foster human resources in meeting the challenge of the International society. Misawa International Center is to provide the place where citizens and foreigners would gather freely and enjoy the cultural exchange. 

Facility Information

 The Misawa International Center consists of International Exchange building, Japanese style building, Event Hall and Seminar Rooms and Lodging building and seminar rooms, event hall, lodging and kitchen are available for rent.



 230-1 Aza-Sonosawa, Oaza-Misawa, Misawa-city

GPS Coordinate: N40.679971, E141.402067

TEL/FAX   0176- 51-1255 / FAX 0176-51-1211
 Open hour

 Office hours 8:15 am - 5:15 pm

 Lodging facility  Check-in 3:00 p.m. Check-out 10:00 a.m.
 Seminar rooms and event hall 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.


 December 26 – January 5


 Event hall, Japanese style seminar room, Seminar rooms, Computer room, Dining and lounge, Tea ceremony room and Ceramic making room
 Lodging facility: 4 single rooms, 4 double rooms and 6 big rooms for eight people


 There is a charge for use of all facilities

 Floor Layout: 1st floor.pdf  2nd floor.pdf  
 Fee and Charges: Fee and Charge.pdf 
















    Check-in 3:00 p.m. / Check-out 10:00 a.m.

    Single Room, Double Room, Room for 8 people (4 bunk beds), Room for 8 people (separated by moveable wall)


Kitchen & Lounge


Lounge is open public area that holds 60 people.

Bathrooms / Shower rooms 

Bathroom is located at 1st floor of Lodging Hall.
Shower room is located at 2nd floor of lodging hall.
Both are available for lodger who lodged in room for 8 people.



Japanese-style Meeting Room

Located at 2nd floor of lodging Hall.
Tatami flooring with 52 mats / 119.15 sq.m





Group Activity Room

Located at 2nd floor of lodging Hall.
This room is available for only Youth organization (Junior Sport-club, Girl scout, Youth conference, etc) or lodgers (while they lodged)  use.




 Event Hall

Hall holds 263 people. (10 wheel chairs are available)
See the Configuration of seats (Japanese Only) 
Prior meeting is required to use the Event Hall for stage settings.



Seminar Room 1

Standard classroom style layout 

Room holds 63 seats. (114.55sq.m)

The movable wall can combine Seminar room1 and 2 into a single large room. 



Seminar Room 2

Standard classroom style layout

Room holds 27 seats. (64.43sq.m)
The movable wall can combine Seminar room1 and 2 into a single large room. 



Tea Ceremony Room

Located at 1st floor of Japanese-style Hall

Tea room: 4.5 Tatami mats / 10.80 sq.m

Preparation room: 3 Tatami mats / 7.47 sq.m 

Japanese room: 7.5 Tatami mats / 16.75 sq.m



Ceramic Making Room


Located at 1st floor of Japanese-style Hall.

Room holds 16 seats. (62.08 sq.m)




Access and Map

From the Misawa Air Port : 10 minutes by car
From the Misawa Train Station : 15 minutes by car
From the JR Hachinohe Train Station : 40 minutes by car
From the the No.2 Michinoku Toll Road Misawa-Towada-Shimoda IC : 15minutes by car