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The Misawa City Community Bus "Mi-Bus" English Map!  

    This map shows only the ¥100-Zone fare areas. There are 4 major bus routes available, all served by the "Green Turtle" bus. We hope this map will help you get around Misawa!      


Click link below for enlarged Map and Schedule

Mi-Bus English Map 

        Mi-Bus English Schedule 



How to use the Mi-Bus ?

1.    Board at the front door and

2.    Take a numbered ticket from the ticket machine next to the driver.
Nearby, there will also be a fare box and money changer machine.

3.  When you reach your stop, insert the ticket and the fare in the fare box.

***If you do not have exact change, use the money changer to break your ¥1,000 bill.
        For your safety, please wait until the bus is stopped before using the money changer.


Other things to note:

  • Only yen is accepted for bus fare.
  • Children aged 6 and under are free.
  • All stops in these areas are a standard ¥100 fare.
  • There are other stops available, off the map. However, these bus routes may require a higher fee.
  • Please check the destination sign at front of the bus, before you board.
  • This schedule may vary, depending on traffic and weather conditions. 

 For more information

Please contact the International Relations Division below:

International Relations Division, Misawa City Office
Located in the Misawa International Center
TEL : 0176-51-1255 FAX: 0176-51-1211
Email: kokusai@city.misawa.lg.jp

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