The history of Misawa began in 1881 as a branch village of the Village of Momoishi. In 1889, it officially became the Village of Misawa. The livelihood of the local people was centered on farming and fishing. Misawa was renowned nationwide for “Kizakino Pasture,” which produced quality horses. Modern agriculture was brought to Japan in 1872 by Yasuto Hirosawa of Misawa’s Tonami Clan. His farm was the source of Western style stock breeding and farming for the rest of Japan.

  Misawa gained fame in 1930’s for becoming the take-off site of the world’s first nonstop trans-Pacific flight. Aviators from all over the world visited Misawa to achieve the first. After three attempts ended in failure, Clyde Pangborn (of Washington State) and Hugh Herndon (of New York), made history by taking off from Misawa aboard a single-engine Bellanca monoplane named “Miss Veedol” in October of 1931, and landing about 41 hours later in Wenatchee, Washington, successfully crossing the Pacific Ocean nonstop. Misawa and Wenatchee celebrated this feat 50 years later, and became sister cities in 1981. Also at the 70th anniversary, the sister city relationship expanded to include East Wenatchee, where the Miss Veedol actually landed. Since then, the three cities have been forging the friendship, having engaged in various exchange activities.

  After the Miss Veedol flight, Misawa became known as a suitable airstrip area, and in 1939, the former Japanese Navy constructed a Naval Air Base. After the WWII in 1945, the base was turned over to U.S. Forces, who have been stationed here ever since. Japanese nationals flocked to Misawa for the opportunity of obtaining work on and around the base, and the population greatly increased. Consequently, in 1958 the administrative structure of Misawa Town (formed in 1948) was changed and the City of Misawa was born.

  Today, Misawa is known as a “sky city,” with one of Japan’s largest airport facilities. There is an international atmosphere in the city, promoted by the friendly spirit of its residents. The good relationship has been long maintained between the citizens and the base community.