Hokki Matsuri  at the Misawa Fishery Port (Mid-March)
     The pacific coast near Misawa is home to the clam beds of "Hokkigai" (hoke-key guy), a type of surf clam. The clam digging seson is from December to March. There are sale of Hokki, Hokki product, shell the Hokkigai contest (open public event) and more!


Japan Day (first Saturday in April)
     It offers a unique opportunity for the base people to experience the Japanese culture. Hundreds of Japanese artisans and craftsmen from throughout the country put on displays at this event. It features Japanese cultural entertainments, handicrafts, art demonstrations and many other displays. Hosted by the Misawa International Club (MIC) every year at the base club.

Misawa Sakura Festival  (late April through early May)
     This is the best "HANAMI" (Cherry blossom viewing party) event at Misawa. It is held at the Chuo Park (Train park next to the Misawa Civic Center) and you can enjoy the night viewing of illuminated cherry blossomes between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. during the festival.



Shuji Terayama Museum Spring Festival (first week of May)
     Shuji Terayama, who spent his early days in Misawa, was a very talented artist in various fields including acting, writing plays and novels and film directing. Shuji Terayama Museum will hold a festival annually to commemorate the anniversary of his death. Food booths, art exhibits, live music show and more.


American Day (first weekend of June)
     In cooperation with the MIC, the base hosts this celebration every year to introduce American culture for the Japanese people in return for the Japan Day. Very popular for the Japanese citizens. It’s held just outside the base main gate and at the Civic Center, the gymnasium and the Chuo Park (Train Park). A variety of booths are set up at those locations. 


Lake Ogawara Festival (mid-July)
     Continued for more than 40 years, this event celebrates the opening of the beach facilities with prayer for no water-related accidents at the lakeside through the season. Beauty Contest, Bingo Game, Children’s Sumo Competition along with many other attractions take place for the day. Interested American girls are able to participate in the Beauty Contest.

Tanabata Festival (late July)
     This festival is known as “Star Festival.” Chinese legend tells of the two stars, Vega, the weaver princess and Altair, a cow herder. They got married and their honeymoon lasted so long that they neglected their heavenly duties. The King of Stars became so angry that he banished the two stars to opposite ends of the Milky Way and only allowed them to meet once a year. The festival celebrates their reunion by writing wishes on long strips of paper and hang them on bamboo poles. The local merchants arc the poles decorated with colorful papers and ornaments across the street. The base main gate area and the city main streets are lined with various vendors’ booths.


Farm Festa at the Tonami Clan Memorial Tourisum Village (first Sunday in August)
     Held at the Misawa City Farm as one of the Misawa’s summer festivals. You can enjoy barbecue of delicious Aomori Beef along with fresh vegetables just reaped at local farms. Grills and charcoals are on free-rental. Advance tickets and day tickets are sold to get those foods and sauces. Activities and games such as Treasure Hunt, Hay Rolling, Tractor Rides, Potato Digging and Milk Tasting can be experienced if you come out there. There will be a petting zoo, too.

Misawa Festival (late August)
     This is a three-day festival to celebrate and hope for a bountiful harvest for the year. On the first day and final day, floats depicting historical Japanese Samurais stroll around the city main streets. On the second day, a liveliest day of the festival, the Costume Parade kicks off festivities, and is climaxed in the evening with the “International Summer Festival.” The main attraction of this evening is the Mikoshi Contest, in which Americans and Japanese compete against and with each other.

Misawa Port Festival (Sunday of late August or first September)
     To pray for a large catch of fish in the vicinity of Misawa Port, this celebration takes place annually. Fishing is one of the two major industries in the City of Misawa. Fresh fish and sea products are lively sold at many booths set up at the port area. The main attraction is the fireworks display on the night.


Misawa Air Show
     The base is open for public and attract more than 100 thousands of people every year. It's a day long festival of numerous aircraft and Air Defense weapons on static display. American and Japanese food booths will be featured. 


Misawa Halloween Festival (mid-October)
     This festival is held at downtown Misawa Main Street, American Park and American Village. There will be a costume contest, trick or treating, and other fun events such as a prize drawing.


Tonami Winter Fantasy (mid December through first week of January)
     This festival is held at the Tonami Clan Memorial Tourisum Village. There is christmas tree illumination, fire works and more!